…Inching Along…

After big plans to provide a virtual tour of my new exhibition at Beaumont, I decided I would take my standard route: skip it entirely. Big mistake, big, huge. Here is a small selection from the 100 +/- pieces that hung in the Beaumont gallery space for 6 weeks. There were many new pieces, many usual suspects and familiar favorites, but save 1 or 2, I don’t believe these (below) have ever been posted here. I am a paper cutter, but a lousy photographer, so please excuse the muted colors, wacky perspectives, and the obligatory selfies caught in the glare.
I love, love, love Beaumont, and the wonderful women who take the reins and create the most carefree environment possible. Each time I take a show down I cannot wait to come back.

These pieces are still for sale, so feel free to message me for price information as I haven’t updated this information quite yet.