About Face

During our senior year in high school, students of the art classes had the option to display their collective works in a panel to be displayed in a hub on campus.  I didn’t have a single cutting, and I also didn’t have much of a collection to show. I didn’t use any particular medium so I focused instead on a theme.  I love depicting faces, I always have.  My panel wasn’t very good, but I had only that one interest (artistically) at the time, so that was it.

I picked up where I left off in high school, years later when I began paper cutting regularly. I haven’t recently cut much in this theme, but I think it’s fair to say it is one of my signatures (if I were to have one).  The faces I cut are free form, unplanned, and while they are made the same way, they are never the same.  They each have very different expressions and I like that they evolve natural as I go.  I usually start with a nose somewhere in the middle of my page and go from there.

 photo image.jpg22_zpsvlqrguem.jpg photo image.jpg23_zpsem9wpxo3.jpg

 photo image.jpg10_zpsqoferjyp.jpg photo image.jpg8_zpsq4nvyil8.jpg photo image.jpg7_zpshkczsue4.jpg

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