This… is my desk.

 photo DESK_zps1449tkcd.jpg

In all its sweet, sweet glory.

During my husband’s search to find me the perfect desk that would allow me to work at home (eliminating the need for a studio elsewhere), he came across this mystical IKEA gem.  When we found it had been discontinued and he proceeded to scour Craigslist for a last remaining relic.  Despite my attempts to wean him off the site for potential, be it unlikely, chances that we could cross paths with a news hungry, suburbanite killing fiend, he really pulled one out.  So we drove to Maryland to pick up my once-used, perfect condition worktable with built-in light board.

And then! He decided I needed some storage underneath, proving once again that he can navigate my brain better than I can.  We went to Home Depot where he had a piece of wood/particle/strong something  cut to slide right underneath to hold all my paper goodies, sketch books, and miscellaneous bits.

It’s so beautiful and white and clean. It doesn’t ever look like this now, of course, but it’s well loved and keeps me focused and cutting. It’s a beautiful thing.