It’s the Ten Day Countdown…

No matter how much you prepare for an upcoming show, you are inevitably working down to the wire.  I give myself kudos for actually buckling down this past year and cranking out work despite my natural impulse to postpone-hesitate-procrastinate until the tears are welling up at 3am the day of.  I actually DID the things I was supposed to do. I followed lists. I used a calendar. I ordered business cards before I had to swallow expedited shipping.  Lucky for me my husband is a volunteer firefighter or I would have made these strides while simultaneously neglecting him and #lovelylucybrown, but our overworking-teamwork worked out.

 photo card round_zpsicyflhkn.gif photo card back round_zpsbgcezkbm.gif

I have roughly 10 days before my third show at Waverly Heights goes up. My goal was to have 60 pieces- the most ever for any of my shows.  I’m assuming the real count will be more like 45, so I’m going to aim for something in the middle. Maybe 52.  51. 52. I have about 20 pieces left to frame and I can’t stop drawing and cutting. It’s hard to “wrap up” when you’re in the middle of a very efficient and productive creative streak.  I’m going to be finished and ready to hang on Friday, December 9th.  You heard it here first. (Update to follow.

There will be some familiar pieces:

Carousel photo Carousel_zpswqtszw8q.jpg

But a lot, a lot, a lot of new pieces that I can’t post because someone (you know who you are) convinced me it was like yelling surprise in the car at someone before they even walk into the party house you were driving up to. So just a snippet…

Collage Sample photo Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.16.21 AM_zpszt9dhhes.png

Just a tenth, that’s all you get. Hope to you see you on Sunday, December 11th!

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