Solo Exhibition in the Heart of the Village

When I was in school at Gladwyne Elementary, I entered a drawing of Marvel’s (X-Men) Wolverine in the Gladwyne Library League’s Annual Art & Craft Show and won a blue ribbon.  I don’t want to say it was the highlight of my childhood, but it felt fabulous.  I took a decade and half off, but began entering my pieces in Library show around 2011 and found it was just as delightful to partake in as an adult as it was when I was a kid.

Recently, the little library in Gladwyne was renovated to allow for an elevator to the second floor, and I decided to “cut the library” as a gift upon their grand reopening. Spending more time at the library, enjoying the volunteers, board members, employees, and community friends, I started to understand why the library is referred to as the “heart of the village.” I also reflected on how the annual art show seems to bring so many of these great people together.  Gladwyne is a cute town, but there isn’t a hopping cultural or social scene, for that you typically venture towards the beaten path of Lancaster Avenue.  Shortly thereafter I emailed the folks at the library and asked if they would consider hosting me for a solo exhibition in their 2nd floor space (just a short elevator ride up), and to open up the conversation about having a greater art presence right in the heart of Gladwyne. I proposed, they said yes, and I guess that makes me and the library like Ray Kinsella and his tractor from Field of Dreams: if we call the artists, they will come!

And I got to go first!  So here is a sampling of the 80 pieces that I hung at the Gladwyne Library on September 15. They will remain for your viewing pleasure until October 27.