Do you love your children?

library sign.JPG

IIIIII thought so!

This Wednesday, October 25, I will be planting myself on the 2nd floor of the Gladwyne Library taking orders for custom silhouettes. Have a kid? Grandkid? Niece? Nephew? Friend? NEIGHBOR? BOSS?  Up your gift game this year but giving the gift of the traditional silhouette (or the traditional silhouette with a twist).  Skip the ihome that you found at Costco (no one is into that stuff anymore). Monogrammed robe from Restoration Hardware? I know they are the softest, but really, is Grandpa Joe going to wear it? You know that friend you’ve maybe, kinda, sorta neglected since they spawned? Show you still care with a custom cutting of their sweet, little angel!

Visit on Wednesday and 20% of your purchase will benefit the Gladwyne Library – that’s an amazing gift, supporting local art, AND a charitable donation to a library. How can you go wrong? Also, all orders placed Wednesday have a guaranteed turn-around time before or by the December 2017 holidays.

I will NOT be cutting the silhouettes live, because performance art is not my bag. I spent five years as a face painter and vowed never create art live again- on someone’s face or of someone’s face. I will be taking a photo, chatting with you about options, so it’s important you bring with you the person you need a photo of. If you can’t bring them, just place the order with me and I will contact you to get the photo at a later date.

Feel free to email me with questions or pricing information at: