Golden Years

 photo 6e7b61a5-0f7f-43de-8a87-bb5d846570fc_zpslrut3hmf.jpg
Before Discourse, I had my first solo show at the retirement community where I work.  A retirement community might not be the first venue to come to mind when you are considering shows, but it’s actually a really interesting choice.  I was especially lucky to show in a place in which I have come to be friendly with so many interesting people. It felt to me like my show opening was attended by 4 to 5 dozen of my biggest supporters.  It was a lovely feeling.  If you aren’t working in the retirement community circuit, it’s still a wonderful choice if they have the right venue.  You’re showing your work with an almost guaranteed audience as it takes place in their home, and more than likely to a group of interesting and cultured people.  When someone who has been collecting or admiring art for the better part of their long life pays you a compliment, you can accept it with pride and know that it is genuine.  It was an honor to have my first show at this community, during which I sold about 20 pieces, and an even bigger honor to be welcomed back only to sell 29 pieces (and obtain over 8 direct commissions).

Below are a selections from my first solo show. Please excuse the picture quality, some were taken before framing, some under glass, and all were taken by me (not my #1 skill). There were about 44 pieces displayed in the show.

 photo b2343560-ddbd-4e77-8f98-0e9043874c51_zpscehty0ze.jpg
According to my husband, Brian, he wanted to buy the above piece (“Ship to Shore”) from my first show before we were even dating. It’s hanging in our apartment now. Couldn’t have picked a better place for it!

 photo d112212a-9a42-43e7-bde1-c3cce9edb45c_zps7rhgwfwm.jpg photo 6efbb84f-daab-4dce-bf01-cd70a88bf926_zpsc6enfxft.jpg photo 02bd9bcc-9da4-4848-8771-725ed0aec994_zpskuihg2dk.jpg photo bb1902b9-0fbf-4522-9557-4bd4ba3b9b76_zpsrubekgrv.jpg

 photo d4c0fb90-035a-4ddc-a748-b21639b95b79_zpsghbwfbhq.jpg photo 6afef0ea-bf7c-470b-9549-80ab42051642_zpsvuw5a8tc.jpg  photo ec922ed1-11b7-430e-bd40-651a5b7994ee_zps8rackrqs.jpg

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