Commission Work

One of the reasons I didn’t always enjoy art class was that making art on demand was very difficult for me.  It seemed to sap the joy from the process.  I never imagined I would be able to create art for a living, and while that might still be a far off option, it’s closer than I thought…. but art on demand will always be a part of that.  I was very, very nervous when I accepted my first commissions.  I was eager to, but doubtful I would be successful.  Thankfully, I proved myself wrong, and have since (for the most part) gotten over my fear.

It’s rearing it’s ugly head now that I have a full plate along with a looming show, but I’m trying to take it in stride.  I know this is a very good problem to have.

 photo IMG_2639_zpsu0me4dl4.jpg photo 6cd5a19f-2841-455b-a3bc-ea0688a75a21_zpsl3dvmsey.jpg photo 158954a9-0eef-40fa-8bf1-0fcce12fa53a_zpsnkzkwajs.jpg photo IMG_2810_zpslbdokle8.jpg photo 583572b4-417d-4670-91d2-4f452aecb351_zpsap9t9wvm.jpg

 photo 971f4a97-f2d6-42bd-93a8-ac8c96f89c53_zpsjsyis5rk.jpg photo IMG_3286_zpspxcgmds4.jpg

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