The Collector

I very rarely cut anything that does not remain one piece. Everything is always connected, if even by a thread, so to speak. Even less frequently will I cut symmetric pieces, pieces cut from folded paper. One constant exception are my butterflies. Each butterfly is one piece, but they are usually grouped into collections, and they are always displayed in shadowboxes. Everywhere I go I keep my eye out for interesting or unusual shadowboxes. I love cutting them, and because I am constantly doodling them onto silhouette paper I always have them on hand to cut when I am between work. If I stop because I’m lost in a piece, too distracted, or just taking a break, I will cut butterflies. I have a small stuck of folded silhouette paper on my desk at all times.
 photo IMG_0329_zpsnxaq0hex.jpg
 photo IMG_0307_zpsr6g6ya9g.jpg

 photo image.jpg2_zps42dlrknc.jpg photo e4653e80-d033-43c3-a6bd-6bd21c131639_zps6bum99kh.jpg
 photo 14470326-5e71-4b9e-b24b-6d0dc2efff6f_zps2fdkmpxh.jpg

 photo IMG_3766_zps72e3knpq.jpg photo 5f1faccf-4237-4d07-a4c6-fb7a44eb38ef_zpsmyqd1fzd.jpg

“The Collector” was submitted, awarded a ribbon, and purchased at the Gladwyne Library League’s Annual Arts & Crafts show. It’s been through a lot.

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