The Twelve Days of Christmas

I love this piece. I love it for its stark contrasts, its simplicity and movement, and it’s simple frame. Had I thought more about it, and I thought a bit, I might have over-complicated it. I’m pretty particular about each work being one piece, everything connected (if even by a thread), but this is one of those rare instances where I felt the individual cuttings did not need a unifying paper trail.

This is also one of those rare instances in which the idea in my head translates perfectly into a finished work. I flew through my four phases with this piece. It was fully fleshed out in my head, I drew it on paper as well as my skill set would allow, I cut each piece in peace, and the framing process was relatively painless,(which is to say I re-cut a section and cried only once); despite framing down to the wire with only an hour before the solo show opened.

My mom did make the startling realization that there were 11 drummers drumming right before we started framing. The beauty of this craft is that you often have the ability to make a creative fix instead of starting over. If you look carefully at the drum line, somewhere in the middle is the runt, kid-brother of the pack, cut from the extra large sleeve of the drummer behind him. He is my favorite, I imagine he is a child progeny.

 photo f6f47778-7490-463f-bda3-3730e17f0959_zpsym3wxyu1.jpg

The Twelve Days of Christmas is cut from black silhouette paper. It is affixed to acid free white mat board.  The detail strips are cut from handmade gold paper (not my hands).  It hung at my solo show at Waverly Heights in December 2014, the Gladwyne Library League Art show in March 2015, and is currently at my solo show at Cathedral Village. One of these days I will remember to photograph a piece in it’s entirety before it is under glass.

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