Waverly II

A few years ago I started to cut paper more regularly, completely out of the blue.  Completely out of character, I mentioned this to a coworker and friend who, by a bizarre stroke of luck, heard from the “art show ladies” that one of their scheduled artists had canceled without much notice and they needed someone to fill their slot.  That is how my first solo show came to be.  I had barely any work and only about 3 months to prepare. Flash forward two years, the new team running the art show had heard about the success of my first show and called on me when yet another artist had cancelled their show.  Very odd, very exciting.

I would never have expected to be someone to generate buzz, but somehow it happened.  The turn out was excellent, the sales were phenomenal, and I received some of the best feed back an “artist” could ask for, the top of the list being the general consensus that my new collection showed growth. About a week before I hung the show, not seeing the whole body of work, I wondered if it would.  A glass of wine after a long day had been my relief until that moment. It was uphill from there.

I hung about 40-44 pieces (including several Not For Sale) and I sold about 30 by the time the show came down.  As with the previous show and probably ever one I will ever hang, there was no overarching theme, no central message,  just a random collection of cuttings that came from every which way. Thirty pieces are shown below.

 photo image.jpg18_zpsgsvvgmpd.jpg
 photo image.jpg20_zpstlacjprc.jpg
 photo image.jpg25_zpshqfuyqk2.jpg
Garden Reference
 photo image.jpg19_zpsnl3rlbsl.jpg
Sailor’s Delight
 photo image.jpg23_zpswucdt399.jpg
St. Christopher’s
 photo image.jpg24_zps6cu6fzh3.jpg
St. John Vianney
 photo image.jpg26_zpsae3mdgwf.jpg
 photo image.jpg18_zpsesbuclfo.jpg
Bathing Beauties
 photo image.jpg13_zps4golgz2s.jpg
 photo image.jpg22_zpsifzrge6h.jpg
 photo 5052e00e-7f53-4a9e-8210-29096bea8d1a_zpsj1enptyh.jpg
Beach Bum
 photo image.jpg28_zps4n9fbq9g.jpg
 photo image.jpg42_zpsanzxdhrk.jpg
 photo image.jpg27_zpsttbrhfmj.jpg
Forward, March
 photo image.jpg5_zpsgx6fuihe.jpg
Joyeux Noel


 photo image.jpg23_zps1ahu7wlg.jpg
 photo DSC_1255_zpsm7qledgj.jpg
Evening Hatch
 photo image.jpg11_zpsfq06os1r.jpg
To You, With Love
 photo image.jpg14_zps9gfimhw7.jpg
 photo image.jpg10_zpsv41vnnfp.jpg
 photo image.jpg8_zps02i64rqj.jpg


 photo image.jpg12_zpsir3re6vs.jpg
 photo 0aa0e396-fcb2-454e-bd8e-6b0532bfdc1d_zpsjdza72xr.jpg
Swift Winged Skimmer
 photo image.jpg16_zpsjcgs2sai.jpg
 photo image.jpg2_zpspekxsfmy.jpg
 photo image.jpg4_zpsaipymuxo.jpg
 photo image.jpg4_zpscjiyioyw.jpg
Bird In Hand
 photo image.jpg7_zpsb2doexrp.jpg
The Leap
 photo image.jpg9_zpssg8lswc9.jpg
Lucy Brown
 photo image.jpg3_zpsbnev5l6j.jpg