Cathedral Village

The next stop on my retirement community circuit is Cathedral Village.  I was invited to show at Cathedral Village by a family friend who volunteers there.  It’s a great community, full of energy, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having my work hang there. The Art Committee was nice enough to host a Q&A, followed by a lovely dinner to which I was invited to bring the guests of my choosing.  I brought my husband and copilot along with me, and my parents.  The Q&A was a great experience. The attendees asked thoughtful and interesting questions; I couldn’t have come up with better questions to respond to.  Beyond group shows I have entered, this was my first solo show with a “new crowd,” and it was great to have fresh feedback. I was very happy to sell a great deal of my artwork during the December 2014/January 2015 show at Waverly, but it required me to get right to work for this early March showing.  I showed the pieces remaining from the Waverly show and the new pieces shown below. Some were cut for the March show, some were re-imagined and re-framed, and some have been with me for some time waiting for the right moment to be finished.

 photo DSC_1227_zpsvwypw6g9.jpg
They Know Why
 photo DSC_1248_zpsxsffm7n2.jpg
 photo DSC_1233_zpsnu410jh3.jpg
The Row
 photo DSC_1241_zps73in0f4t.jpg
 photo DSC_1263_zpspelzjz2e.jpg
Sustained Flight
 photo DSC_1222_zpsrsunyaev.jpg
 photo DSC_1261_zps18pyav48.jpg
Piece of Mind
 photo DSC_1257_zpsvj9heydt.jpg
 photo DSC_1247_zpsngs2fhuv.jpg
For Rent
 photo DSC_1252_zpsjtxxd7tn.jpg