Beaumont at Bryn Mawr

 photo bd468a40-9319-4ff2-a4e6-430d832324cc_zpsnd5lmmna.jpg
The Carousel (since reframed)






 photo a96e192e-afeb-449b-a05d-abdeb6c6a2b1_zps7f1jcrpv.jpg
Poised (sold)
 photo a9ee389f-49db-4c61-97bd-ba35a0785bbe_zpsq05jbzs7.jpg
Everglades (sold)
 photo 5ee3fcc5-77e7-4d63-a37c-b9172251cfec_zps7d3v0cir.jpg
 photo 1a0c46f7-08d6-4168-ba2f-f17774eff81a_zpsub6d0uhc.jpg
Field Study
 photo 3336cace-e7e6-4551-bafc-6b8483242c07_zpsvibgxtbz.jpg
The Courtship
 photo 4aed45cf-a6cf-4340-a764-0cf588f306f8_zps3ixq1mma.jpg
Glow (since reframed and sold)











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The Hive (sold)


 photo c59ded11-2aab-4b56-a890-dbf6f2974139_zpsymbiwciq.jpg
Flies (sold)



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Packed House (sold)
 photo DSC_1241_zpsnqa6jlgp.jpg
Forum (sold)
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 photo DSC_1365_zpsl2mdbje6.jpg
Ladies of the House

Brian and I took down my show from Ludington Library on Friday, July 31, and immediately drove them over to Beaumont and hung them in their Beaumont Room.  There we met my contact and the head of the Art Committee, Jane.  She was as lovely and helpful as could be. Saturday was the official set-up day.  With the rest of the pieces in tow, my mom and I headed over to Beaumont to finishing hanging.  We were greeted by Jane and the rest of the committee.  The ladies were eager to help and very accommodating; not to mention a very fun group.  It was a long, long process, but we got it all finished.  My dad arrived to take pictures of each piece, a lifesaver for me as he has a technique to avoid the glare and get as clear a shot as will allow with the piece under glass.  I’m not always the most organized in terms of photographing before framing, so this is an essential part of the process for me.

Hearing the ladies move around the room opinionating was the perfect soundtrack for the day. There is nothing to boost your confidence and prepare you for an opening event like hearing accomplished, talented, and creative people singing your praise.  It’s so easy to criticize your own work especially when you see it every day for months.  The perspectives of others are priceless. The opening took place Sunday, August 2nd, and myself and my family thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I am very proud of this show, it is the fourth and last of the year and showcases brand new pieces that I was determined to cut.  It also has a nice sampling of pieces that have followed me throughout previous shows, and some that have been given new life.

I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without my talented family supporting me. My husband for supplying me with my incredible desk and a workspace that takes over a large portion of our apartment. His patience while I worked long hours for weeks and months at a time. And all the little things in between: running out to pick me up a compass when I mentioned I might need one, picking up take-out when I couldn’t cook, reminding me to order blades, setting up this WordPress and making all the bits and pieces work; everything. My mom for being essential to the framing process and thinking of all the things I never think of. For introducing me to the amazing services of the Athanaeum, letting me sample the amazing stock of framing supplies at Merion Art & Repro, and probably breaking every nail closing each piece with love and care.  My dad for clearing out the studio in which he has done architectural work for almost four decades and handing it over to me and my mom for our creative ventures. For taking amazing pictures from the beginning so that I have a record of my work, without which this WordPress wouldn’t be colorful or interesting.  My brother for always being so supportive, even at a distance, and for offering words of support in the moments leading up to the hanging process which I kept in my mind the whole time.

(The above pictures are 13 of the 37 pieces in the show.)