Ludington Library

On Friday, July 31,  took down my exhibition at Ludington Library.  Ludington was my first “solo” exhibition in a public space.  Each of my solo shows thus far have been in the gallery spaces at retirement communities; which has been a surprising but fantastic niche for me.  There is nothing not to love- interesting spaces, fascinating people with incredible life experience, and the benefit of showing in a place where there is almost 24/7 thoroughfare.  I’ve been very spoiled by these communities in terms of praise and feedback and I was very curious to see how I would fare elsewhere.

I’m very happy to report that Ludington gave me a very warm reception. With exception of one tragic error on my part, showing for the month of July was a wonderful experience.  The coordinator there was extremely communicative, helpful, and welcoming.  Hanging the show was a painless process, as was bringing it down.

I see beautiful artwork everywhere I go.  It’s my horrible indecision most of the time that keeps me from pulling the trigger on a purchase, but it’s shyness that keeps me from contacting the artist to tell them how much I enjoyed their work. No more.  I received emails from no less than ten people who shared such kind reviews and words of encouragement that I was inspired to do the same for other artists I admire.  I was shocked that these people took the time not only to look closely at my work, but to actually reach out to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

There were pieces from previous shows hanging in the Ludington exhibition as well as new pieces made in between.  Everything that did not sell at Ludington (and pieces during the month it was hanging) are now hanging at my exhibition at Beaumont at Bryn Mawr, so I will post the pictures in my next entry.

Oh, my one tragic error….  Now some would advise me not to share this anecdote.  I’ll admit it makes me look flaky and irresponsible, but, because I know it was a fluke and because I am just wild about honesty… Share time!

I was so happy to be invited to speak at a Q&A at Ludington.  These events make me nervous but I always, always enjoy them.  My contact at Ludington was so helpful in setting the event up for me and allowing me to promote it.  She made sure I had a space and the capacity to have a slideshow or presentation.  At the time I was in the middle of a rush to finish as much work as I could before my next show. I had been working every night after work, every weekend, every lunch hour I could manage.  Right before it I was finishing an epic finishing session a piece called “The Carousel.”  I was 99% finished by about 8:34pm on July 20th (a Monday). I know because I checked the time after I checked my email while I was working.  The email had been sent at 7:16pm that same night and it read something like this:

“You are supposed to be giving a talk at 7:30 tonight… Did you forget?”

Yes. Yes I did.

I forget things, but I have to say this is the probably wins the award for worst.  Apologies were made; profuse apologies. I was lovingly told, “these things happen.” Far too generous, but I finally had to give myself a mulligan.  Four shows in less than a year, two handfuls of commissions, and a full-time job might have been part of the problem. I’ll go with that.  For now, I listen to my husband when he tells me to use my Google calendar.