Inch by Inch

When I first started cutting I was as impatient when making art as I was in the rest of my life – with everything. I cut almost everything freehand (no drawing beforehand- maybe a sketch), and having little experience with artistic exactness, most of my work remained “works in progress” for years. I wasn’t happy with them, I couldn’t figure out how to finish them, etc.  Eventually I realized I needed to take the time to complete my drawings before I touched the knife.  It’s still not a perfect science for me, I tend to draw like I take notes: that’ll be enough, I’ll get what I meant once I get back.  No.

I’ve started to play around with drawing with pen so my pencil doesn’t smear, drawing with colored pencils so the nuances of the sketch are clear, and more recently, drawing with crayon because the wax helps to protect the paper and make it TINY bit stronger.

All that being said, this post is really for those that ask, “Do you draw your designs first?”

Yes, always, definitely, without a doubt.




fence 1IMG_2524