Quarantined at home,
Time to jumpstart the art flow.
Start with A, B, Cs.

Just a Haiku to introduce my first post in a very, very, very long time.

It’s amazing how the full-time in full-time job is… all encompassing.

There was a slight lull during the grey area between going to work and working from home, and during that time I had short bursts to cut some paper. I thought I’d start with something simple: the alphabet. I was originally planning to create a floral cut alphabet to be framed as one piece, but I thought this might be more relaxing. I haven’t worked on a large piece in a long, long time, but I have had more recent experience trying to create larger works piece by piece… Relaxing in the moment, but when I remember I working toward a larger goal, sometimes it changes the tune.

I wouldn’t say I’m consistently a “quantity over quality” type, but the thrill of instant gratification is a huge motivator for me. Having a finished piece in one working session both delights me, and keeps the inspiration to stay artsy burning. I take walks, I take a million pictures of flowers, I have sketch sessions to draw said flowers, but in this multi step process, once I sit down to draw and cut, I’m all about the “done and done!”

I and N were drawn weeks and week ago… and there they sit. They should have been cut immediately. That pause, that hesitation, those “gah! what time is it???” reality checks, is a killer of completion.

I have about 450 things I need to do today, but let’s see if I can honor this goal and set a mini-goal in honor of the sweet, satisfaction of breaking bad habits.

Today, I am going to draw: F, R, U, V, W, X, Y. By end of day tomorrow, the pictures will be up!

By Friday, May 9, I will post the finished cuttings.